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MOT, MOT repairs and pre-MOT servicing

Is your vehicle due for MOT?

Book it in for a pre-MOT service.

The majority of MOT failures are caused by the simplest of things. Such as blown bulb or worn tyre. Such simple things can be avoided by having a pre MOT service. One of our skilled MOT certified mechanics will inspect your vehicle prior to it going for the MOT. Although we cannot guarantee that it will pass an MOT, the pre-MOT saves valuable time and your money.

If your vehicle is regularly service by us then you have nothing to worry about anyway.


  • Mon - Fri: 9am to 5:30pm
  • Saturday: 9am to 1:30pm
  • Sunday: Closed
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Save £100's on servicing and still maintaining your manufacturers warranty

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MOT's, Pre-MOT checks
and MOT repairs carried
out on site.

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